How do you reward/appreciate planning?

Today the PD did a really great job planning things out. It was her day off starting at 9:30am this morning, so she had to appoint someone to be PD. The counselor she picked was a fantastic choice; full of ideas and energy, a third year counselor, and was very honored to get to be PD.

The PD also wrote her schedule to be mainly rain-adaptable since it was supposed to thunderstorm all day, though we somehow just managed to be be “dry” but sticky all day instead. Her schedule featured things like dining hall bowling, makeovers, board and card games, puppet-making, and a slew of other activities that were tailor-made for indoor weather.

I’m just not sure how to properly appreciate her for a job well thought out. Maybe I’ll give my Reinforcement Award at staff meeting to the counselor, and mention her being PD on that (which she did a great job at, so duh), and then make sure to tell the PD how much I thought her planning led to the counselor having a good day and that she was an excellent choice. That way I get to thank/appreciate them both in different ways with the same Award – and since it’s another of my administrator’s award system I’ve adapted, all of the awards also stand as a testament to his good idea.


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