Manage through Fear or Respect?

Millennials have been raised to respect their elders. If their manager’s actions (perceived or subjectively) make this difficult, an imbalance will develop. This imbalance is the cumulative difference between the millennials’ expectations of the manager’s potential leadership and the manager’s actual behavior.

For the most part, this imbalance can be corrected through blasé complaining. However, if the imbalance happens too frequently or severely,  complaining can instead poison a workplace as people create closed social spaces where they can safely complain with increasing bitterness and malcontent. After this point, people tend to do their job and listen to their manager out of fear rather than respect.

Please don’t forget millennials are people too. Just because you are a manager and have kids and a family and a house doesn’t make you more of a person. Or to put it in a hilarious political way: Passion is an important ingredient in political success. But a passionate voter still votes only once. That is to say: I have every right to be treated with dignity and respect, even if you think I’m not grown up enough, not old enough, or that my generation hasn’t met some poppycock yardstick you put out there. Manage millennials like humans with dreams and goals and you’ll find out just how powerful the internet has made us.


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